Chasing my dream

Wow, it really has been a long time since I updated my web page.
Once again, I can announce that I have relocated. I am neither restless or a wonderlust king, but after 2 great years with C for ceramic at our little workshop on Nørrebro, I decided I wanted to try and create something new and be "queen of my own castle". My choice fell on a small studio where I could also create a workshop in the back, allowing me to chase my dream of having a studio to exhibit my art and hopefully other up n' coming artists, as well as having a workspace where I an a few other local ceramicists can work and experiment with our materials.
I won't lie - it has been a tough and difficult time. First of all leaving my friend C for ceramic and our little cosy basement was not something I enjoyed, and also leaving my partner in crime, I had to set up shop mostly on my own. That took a lot of time and investments (stuff is expensive, who would have thought), and although I got some help from friends, family and loved ones, it is not easy to be doing all this on my own. I do hope I have finally found the place, where I can stay for long now, having a combined shop, studio and gallery alongside my workspace. Moving in took a lot of time away from doing what I love - experimenting with clay, creating new looks and chase ideas and let them unfold.
Luckily for me, I received a grant from Statens Kunstfond, which made me so happy, and it has been so helpful to receive such support - both financially but also the recognition of my work.
I sincerely hope I will be better at updating this page, otherwise go to my instagram which is my primary platform, and I hope to create more art and exhibit both my own pieces and other artists.

Me contemplating my next project

Exploring opportunities and getting settled in my new studio

After several months without an update, I have finally found some time to take a look back at the last 6 months and provide some insight to what I have been up to. Mostly I have focused my energy on getting settled in, in my new studio, finding a daily rythm as well as getting inspiration from city walks, visiting art galleries and fairs as well as taking a trip to Milan, where I visited Officine Saffi, which was a great experience.
I am still looking for new opportunities to exhibit my art and I am excited to soon show some of my newer art pieces. I have something in the wings, and I look forward to see those opportunities amount to something.

Exhibition and a new studio

Since the exhibition at TENT in London, I have been quite busy relocating. I had a great chance to begin my career as an artist at Yonobi Studio, where I had a studio space alongside other ceramicists, which gave me an insight and a taste for standing on my own. In december 2017 I was fortunate to get the opportunity to start a new studio with my friend Clara. It has taken a lot of time and hard effort to get the new studio at Heinesgade 13, 2200 Nørrebro, up to date, but we are finally very close to having a fully functional studio, which will be the foundation for my forward progress and work as an artist.
In the middle of it all, I was contacted by Pro Temp, a collaboration of artists and designers who are behind art shows and exhibitions at various galleries, who wanted me to participate with parts of my artpiece "On your plate - Ceramic taste to each his own" at Galleri Nicolai Wallner in 2400 Copenhagen NV.

On Your Plate joins the TENT London exhibition

16. september 2017, 22.22:
After af succesfull exhibition at the KADK 2017 summer exhibition "Solutions", On Your Plate - Ceramic Taste to Each His Own will be a part of the KADK art and design projects visiting the TENT exhibition in London this september.
This will be my first exhibition in a foreign country, and I am really excited to both visit TENT and London and experience my work in a brand new setting.
I will visit TENT from thursday to sunday and hopefully get the chance to meet other artists and designers and to talk about my work and thoughts about ceramic art and its place in the world of art.